Hair line reconstruction

Create your unique hairline customized to your desire, which will bring back the confidence and enhance
your personality. Our SMP experts will help you create the best possible hairline to go with the facial structure and your age.


3D Scalp Micropigmentation is a cutting edge revolutionary technology which uses Noninvasive high precision detailed micro needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The pigments which are deposited are color matched to your hair color.


Doctor from Kandy who suffered from alopecia areata gets a new hairline and a full head of hair.

Co-operate officer gets a new hairline and full head of hair blending the hypo-pigmented patches in his scalp with 3DSMP.

Coming to us after a failed session of micro pigmentation. We were able to redo the hairline and blend the large dots to a uniform overlay.


Italian singer Giovani gets a new hairline and density fills over the head.

A lady in her mid 30s who underwent extensive hair loss gets the density of her scalp filled giving back her self esteem.

Client from Boston who underwent 2 sessions of 3DSMP is confident with his new hair line and hair filled scalp.